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Welcome to the portfolio of Devaun Hebert, (Ithritable is my alias name). This place is where you can discover my work, skills, and professional experiences. One of the distinctive principles that define me as an artist is a deep commitment to helping establish an open dialogue between function and narrative in all aspects of artwork. Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.

The Latest Work

This is where I post my most recent completed project.

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3D Digital Modeling

The section below is my 3D modeling work. Please, feel free to analyze.

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Animation gallery

The section below are animations I worked on over the years. Please, take a look.

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Digital Illutration Gallery

The section below consists of some of my personal work and projects done in school. I tried to put them in the order I remember making them. Please, take a look.

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Artist Profile

About Devaun Hebert

I am an active artist working in the field of animation in Southern California. I'm what you would consider a digital media generalist. I do work in both 2D and 3D on just about every field (including video editing), but I typically focus on animation and 3D modeling. I favor art designs mainly consisting of a flashy cartoon style with a blend of super hero action like feel and form. I prefer designing sci-fi setting because I find aliens and the idea of the universe a fascinating wonder that most people can relate to. It makes me think anything could be possible. In fact, I really got into art because I was so inspired by sci-fi movies, cartoons, and especially video games. Video games, have certainly been big motivation for me and old video game mascots are big influences behind the designs of some of my characters. In fact, like many other artists, when I was younger, I was so inspired by my childhood I tried to always make cheap knockoffs based on series I was invested in, but I became inconsistent overtime as new things came along. As I got older, I was really fed up with making tales and characters that were basically cheap knock offs of the originals. So I figured why not start off fresh and make my own stories entirely from scratch. My own worlds, actors, my universe where I can control what makes sense and how it behaves. 

The first story that I have been working on was called Macrocosm. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Next thing you know, I'm coming out with other ideas and stories left and right. In which case makes art for me all the better. 

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